Складні політичні польсько-українські відносини у Східній Галичині в період автономії


  • Artur Górski Szkoła wyższa imienia B. Jańskiego w Warszawie, Poland

Ключові слова:

the Eastern Halychyna, the period of autonomy, Rusyns, svyatoyurtsi, Muscophiles, podolak, the conflicts between ethnic groups


Three periods of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the Austro-Hungarian Empire has been analyzed. The first, until 1866 year, shows the genesis of the political conflict between Poles and Rusyns (Ukrainians), when the rusyns-svyatoyurtsi had striven for the separation of the Eastern Halychyna, which would be in entire control of Rusyns. The second period, which comprises the first decades of autonomy, was characterized by the deep conflict between starorusyns and Poles, who were supported by Vienna. The third period, which had been continuing up to a time when the First World War began, faces the domination of Ukrainophile (populist) organizations of progressive character and intention for cooperation of podolak and moderate Muscophiles.

Біографія автора

Artur Górski, Szkoła wyższa imienia B. Jańskiego w Warszawie

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Вища школа імені Б. Янського (Варшава)






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