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«ScienceRise: Biological Science» – scientific peer-reviewed journal, published 6 times a year, included in category “B” «List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine» (Сertificated by order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 612 from 07.05.2019).

The aim of «ScienceRise: Biological Science» is to provide scientists with a platform for sharing scientific progress in all aspects of biological sciences and to do it at the highest level. Articles published in the journal will be interesting for both scientists who focus on theoretical issues and researchers who specialize more in applied and practical aspects.

«ScienceRise: Biological Science» is an open access journal that publishes original research and literature reviews on all issues of biological sciences.

ISSN 2519-8017 (print), ISSN 2519-8025 (on-line)

Drawing up the items of the publication ethics policy of the journal «ScienceRise: Biological Science» Editors followed the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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Better to see once than hear a hundred times


It is this principle that editors are guided by when they check the figures that the authors provide in their manuscript.

Today, when the Internet occupies a large place in the life of scientists, it is important to save good quality web pages that can be used to illustrate your research in manuscripts.


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Continue about quartiles…

Today we’ll consider how to check a quartile of a journal, indexed by WebofScience.  
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How to search for editions indexed by Scopus by quartile?

According to order of MES Ukraine No. 1220 of September 23, 2019, it is necessary to have publications in the Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 journals, but how can I find the journals of the necessary quartiles, or find out which quartile the publication belongs to?  
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No 3(24) (2020)

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Table of Contents

Determination of the level of toxicity of the soils of recreational areas of Odessa city by biotesting methods PDF
Anastasiya Khokhryakova 4-11
Analysis of the content of heavy metals in phytoplankton of the Zaporizhia reservoir PDF
Yuliia Nikolenko, Elena Fedonenko 12-17
Analysis of the influence of laser irradiation on the accumulation of biomass and polysaccharides pleurotus ostreatus (JACQ.) Р. Kumm PDF
Kateryna Reshetnyk 18-23
Еuropean mistletoe (víscum álbum L.) in national botanical garden M.M. Grushko NAS of Ukraine: an overview of its distribution and hosts PDF
Evgen Yelpitiforov, Yuriy Klymenko 24-28
Ecological features of groups of rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in beech forest ecosystems of the lower forest belt of the Gorgan massif PDF
Marіana Lutskа, Artur Sirenko 29-34
Effect of oligoribonucleotides with D-mannitol complexes on oxidative stress indicators against thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis PDF
Tetiana Marchyshak, Tetiana Yakovenko, Zenoviy Tkachuk 35-40