Policy on plagiarism and self-plagiats

The "ScienceRise: Biological Science" journal does not publish material containing plagiarism or self-plagiarism (duplicate). After being sent to the editor, any manuscript is checked for plagiarism or self-plagiarism by the StrikePlagiarism.com service and relevant specialists at the stage of double-blind review. Only those manuscripts whose uniqueness is at least 80% are accepted for consideration for publication.

Each case identified is subject to additional analysis to confirm the existence of the fact of proper attribution by the authors of the manuscript. If the fact of lack of proper attribution (plagiarism) is confirmed or if self-plagiarism is found, the manuscript is rejected without the right to reconsider and a notification is sent to the author that his/her manuscript is not unique enough.

If plagiarism is found after the publication of the article, the article is marked in all indexing resources with the label "PLAGIARISM" or "DUPLICATE", without deleting it from the archive of the journal, where the same label is used. In this case, the editorial board of the journal reserves the right to impose penalties in accordance with the License Agreement between the Licensor (authors) and the Licensee (Publisher) within the framework of the damage caused to the Licensee, both material and moral.