Nadraelwgoud Mohamed Ibrahim Abdou

Cairo University, Egypt

PhD Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Medicine and Infectious Diseases


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Selected Publications:

  1. Abdou, N.-E. M. I., Majeed, Q. A. H., Saad, A. A., Mijatovic-Rustempasic, S., Bowen, M. D., Samy, A. (2021). Cross-sectional study and genotyping of rotavirus-A infections in ruminants in Kuwait. BMC Veterinary Research, 17 (1). doi: 

  2. Abdou, N.-E. M. I., Majeed, Q. A. H., El-Azazy, O. M. E., .AlAzemi, M. S., Alajmi, A. (2021). Risk factors of diarrhea in small ruminants in Kuwait. Iranian Journal of Veterinary Researchthis link is disabled, 22 (2), 146–149.

  3. AlAzemi, M., Majeed, Q., Samy, A., Henedi, A., Youssef, W., Abdou, N. (2021). Evaluation of immunochromatography test for detection of four enteropathogens in the feces of sheep and goats in Kuwait. Open Veterinary Journal, 11 (3), 500. doi:

  4. Awad, W. S., El-Sayed, A. A., Mohammed, F. F., Bakry, N. M., Abdou, N.-E. M. I., Kamel, M. S. (2020). Molecular characterization of pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from diarrheic and in-contact cattle and buffalo calves. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 52 (6), 3173–3185. doi: 

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