Anoop Kumar A. N.

Scientific Officer
Communicable Disease Research Laboratory (CDRL), India


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Selected Publications:

  1. Rebello, S., Sivaprasad, M. S., Anoop Kumar, A. N., Jayakrishnan, L., Aneesh, E. M., Narisetty, V. et. al. (2021). Cleaner technologies to combat heavy metal toxicity. Journal of Environmental Management, 296, 113231. doi: 

  2. Anoop Kumar, A. N., Aneesh, E. M. (2021). Environmental epidemiology and neurological manifestations of dengue serotypes with special inference on molecular trends, virus detection, and pathogenicity. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23 (8), 11217–11239. doi: 

  3. Anoop Kumar, A. N., Aneesh, E. M. (2021). Assessing the importance of Molecular and Genetic perspectives in Prophesying the KFD transmission risk provinces in the Western Ghats, Kerala, INDIA in context with spatial distribution, Extensive genetic Diversity, and phylogeography. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 76, 101652. doi: 

  4. Aneesh, E. M., Anoop Kumar, A. N., Siva Prasad, M. S., Rebello, S. (2021). A Phylogenomic and Evolutionary Perspectives of COVID-19. Journal of Communicable Diseases, 53 (1), 78–81. doi: 

  5. Anoop Kumar, A. N., Prasad, M. S. S., Rebello, S., CF, S. F., Aneesh, E. M. (2021). An assessment of ITS rDNA PCR-based molecular identification, and characterization of fungal endophytes isolated from Hypericum japonicum. Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with All Aspects of Plant Biology, 1–4. doi: 

  6. Puthur, S., Raj, K. K., Anoop Kumar, A. N., Rebello, S., Aneesh, E. M. (2020). Acorus calamus mediated green synthesis of ZnONPs: A novel nano antioxidant to future perspective. Advanced Powder Technology, 31 (12), 4679–4682. doi: 

  7. Anoop Kumar, A. N., Rebello, S., Sudhikumar, A. V., Puthur, S., Aneesh, E. M. (2020). A novel intervention on the inhibiting effects of Catunaregam spinosa induced free radical formation and DNA damage in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae): a verdict for new perspectives on microorganism targeted vector control approach. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, 40 (4), 989–1002. doi: