Mykola Golovenko


A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher, Academician of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine


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Researcher ID: L-2253-2018



Selected Publications:

  1. Golovenko, M. Ya. (2022). Cation channels - molecular targets for potential drugs with an analgesic mechanism of action. Fiziolohichnyĭ Zhurnal, 68 (5), 89–103. doi:

  2. Golovenko, M. Ya., Reder, A. S., Larionov, V. B., Andronati, S. A., Akisheva, A. S. (2022). Cross-species differential plasma protein binding of Propoxazepam, a novel analgesic agent. Biopolymers and Cell, 37 (6), 459–468. doi:

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