Gianluca Neglia

University of Naples "Federico II", Italy


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, PhD, Full Professor of Animal Sceince

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production


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Professional (scientific) interests: In vitro Embryo Production in Bovine (Bos Taurus) and Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis), by Using Co-culture and Defined or Semi Defined Medium; Farm management; Cryopreservation of Oocytes and Embryos, Using the Slow Freezing Method and Vitrification; Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination; Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer in Bovine, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat; Ovum Pick-Up Technique (OPU) in Bovine (Bos Taurus) and Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Species; Ultrasound Application for Ovarian Monitoring and Pregnancy Diagnosis; Nutrition Principles and Farm Management in Bovine and Buffalo Species; Milk Quality


Selected Publications:

  1. Neglia, G., Maggiolino, A., Bragaglio, A., Salzano, A., Rufrano, D., Claps, S., et. al. (2021). Dietary supplementation of suckling lambs with anthocyanins: Effects on growth, carcass, oxidative and meat quality traits. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 276, 114925. doi: 

  2. Salzano, A., Neglia, G., D’Onofrio, N., Balestrieri, M. L., Limone, A., Cotticelli, A. et. al. (2021). Green feed increases antioxidant and antineoplastic activity of buffalo milk: A globally significant livestock. Food Chemistry, 344, 128669. doi: 

  3. Landi, V., Maggiolino, A., Salzano, A., Claps, S., De Palo, P., Neglia, G. et. al. (2021). Evaluation of Different Test-Day Milk Recording Protocols by Wood’s Model Application for the Estimation of Dairy Goat Milk and Milk Constituent Yield. Animals, 11 (4), 1058. doi: 

  4. Neglia, G., Salzano, A., Damiano, S., D’Angelo, L., Ballistreri, G., Claps, S., Rufrano, D. et. al. (2021). Productive Performance and Meat Characteristics of Kids Fed a Red Orange and Lemon Extract. Animals, 11 (3), 809. doi: 

  5. Salzano, A., Cotticelli, A., Marrone, R., D’Occhio, M. J., D’Onofrio, N., Neglia, G. et. al. (2021). Effect of Breeding Techniques and Prolonged Post Dry Aging Maturation Process on Biomolecule Levels in Raw Buffalo Meat. Veterinary Sciences, 8 (4), 66. doi: 

  6. Costa, A., De Marchi, M., Neglia, G., Campanile, G., Penasa, M. (2021). Milk somatic cell count-derived traits as new indicators to monitor udder health in dairy buffaloes. Italian Journal of Animal Science, 20 (1), 548–558. doi: 

  7. Cesarani, A., Biffani, S., Garcia, A., Lourenco, D., Bertolini, G., Neglia, G. et. al. (2021). Genomic investigation of milk production in Italian buffalo. Italian Journal of Animal Science, 20 (1), 539–547. doi: