Alexander Petrenko

Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of Department


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Selected Publications:

  1. Awan, M., Buriak, I., Fleck, R., Fuller, B., Goltsev, A., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2020). Dimethyl sulfoxide: a central player since the dawn of cryobiology, is efficacy balanced by toxicity? Regenerative Medicine, 15(3), 1463–1491. doi: 

  2. Mutsenko, V., Knaack, S., Lauterboeck, L., Tarusin, D., Sydykov, B., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2020). Effect of “in air” freezing on post-thaw recovery of Callithrix jacchus mesenchymal stromal cells and properties of 3D collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffolds. Cryobiology, 92, 215–230. doi: 

  3. Fuller, B. J., Petrenko, A., Guibert, E. (2019). Human organs come out of the deep cold. Nature Biotechnology, 37 (10), 1127–1128. doi: 

  4. Petrenko, A., Carnevale, M., Somov, A., Osorio, J., Rodríguez, J., Guibert, E. et. al. (2019). Organ Preservation into the 2020s: The Era of Dynamic Intervention. Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy, 46 (3), 151–172. doi: 

  5. Ochenashko, O., Nikitchenko, Y., Petrenko, A. (2019). Multiple Injections of Cryopreserved Fetal Liver Cells to Ageing Rats Prevent Age-Related Antioxidant System Changes and Increase Lifespan. Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine, 29 (3), 221–236. doi: 

  6. Rogulska, O., Tykhvynska, O., Revenko, O., Grischuk, V., Mazur, S., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2019). Novel Cryopreservation Approach Providing Off-the-Shelf Availability of Human Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Clinical Applications. Stem Cells International, 2019, 1–11. doi: 

  7. Lozinsky, V. I., Kulakova, V. K., Ivanov, R. V., Petrenko, A. Y., Rogulska, O. Y., Petrenko, Y. A. (2018). Cryostructuring of polymer systems. 47. Preparation of wide porous gelatin-based cryostructurates in sterilizing organic media and assessment of the suitability of thus formed matrices as spongy scaffolds for 3D cell culturing. e-Polymers, 18 (2), 175–186. doi: