Alexander Petrenko

Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of Department


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Selected Publications:

  1. Petrenko, A. Y., Gryshkov, O., Mutsenko, V., Tarusin, D., Khayyat, D., Naujok, O. et. al. (2021). Coaxial Alginate Hydrogels: From Self-Assembled 3D Cellular Constructs to Long-Term Storage. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 (6), 3096. doi:

  2. Mazur, S. P., Rogulska, O. Y., Revenko, O. B., Volkova, N. O., Petrenko, O. Y. (2021). Isolation of human third molar dental pulp stem cells and their characteristics before and after cryopreservation. Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicinethis link is disabled, 31 (1), 58–69.

  3. Rogulska, O. Y., Trufanova, N. A., Petrenko, Y. A., Repin, N. V., Grischuk, V. P., Petrenko, A. Y. et. al. (2021). Generation of bone grafts using cryopreserved mesenchymal stromal cells and macroporous collagen‐nanohydroxyapatite cryogels. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials. doi:

  4. Awan, M., Buriak, I., Fleck, R., Fuller, B., Goltsev, A., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2020). Dimethyl sulfoxide: a central player since the dawn of cryobiology, is efficacy balanced by toxicity? Regenerative Medicine, 15(3), 1463–1491. doi: 

  5. Mutsenko, V., Knaack, S., Lauterboeck, L., Tarusin, D., Sydykov, B., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2020). Effect of “in air” freezing on post-thaw recovery of Callithrix jacchus mesenchymal stromal cells and properties of 3D collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffolds. Cryobiology, 92, 215–230. doi: 

  6. Fuller, B. J., Petrenko, A., Guibert, E. (2019). Human organs come out of the deep cold. Nature Biotechnology, 37 (10), 1127–1128. doi: 

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  8. Ochenashko, O., Nikitchenko, Y., Petrenko, A. (2019). Multiple Injections of Cryopreserved Fetal Liver Cells to Ageing Rats Prevent Age-Related Antioxidant System Changes and Increase Lifespan. Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine, 29 (3), 221–236. doi: 

  9. Rogulska, O., Tykhvynska, O., Revenko, O., Grischuk, V., Mazur, S., Petrenko, A. et. al. (2019). Novel Cryopreservation Approach Providing Off-the-Shelf Availability of Human Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Clinical Applications. Stem Cells International, 2019, 1–11. doi: 

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