Ludmila Maloshtan


Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor


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Selected Publications:

  1. Dolzhykova, O., Maloshtan, L. (2020). Research of medical treatment influence of “melanizol” suppositories on background of “mechanical” vaginitis in rats. ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science, 1 (23), 29–33. doi: 

  2. Kazunin, M. S., Voskoboynik, O. Y., Shatalova, O. M., Maloshtan, L. N., Kovalenko, S. I. (2019). Amides of substituted 3-(pteridin-6-yl)propanoic acids: synthesis, spectral characteristics, and cytotoxic activity. Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 55 (4-5), 408–415. doi: 

  3. Dolzhykova, O. V., Maloshtan, L. M., Yeriomenko, R. F. (2017). The effect of vaginal pessaries on iron hemostasis against the background of the experimental positive Escherichia coli vaginitis. Clinical pharmacy, 21 (4), 31–36. doi: 

  4. Maloshtan, L. M., Shatalova, O. M., Rukhmakova, O. A., Shakina, L. O. (2020). The use of Caco-2 line cells for predicting the xenobiotics biodavailability. News of Pharmacy, 2 (100), 95–100. doi: 

  5. Dolzhykova, O. V., Maloshtan, L. M., Ostapets, M. O. (2020). The experimental study of the effect of suppositories “Melanizol” and “Klimedeks” on blood biochemical parameters in nonspecific vaginitis. Clinical Pharmacy, 24 (1), 20–25. doi: 

  6. Yarnykh, T. G., Rukhmakova, O. A., Maloshtan, L. N., Yatsenko, E. Y., Babenko, I. A. (2014). Pharmacological studies of dental gel “Dentavir-phyto”. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 7 (12), 1374–1376.

  7. Zubkov, V. A., Tsapko, T. A., Gritsenko, I. S., Maloshtan, L. N. (2010). Synthesis of (4-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline-6-sulfonyl)acetanilides and their effect on blood coagulation system. Russian Chemical Bulletin, 59 (12), 2329–2332. doi: