Influence of gibberellin and tebuconazole on the dynamics of the content of non-structural carbohydrates in leaves, the anatomical structure and chemical composition of shoots and the yield of gooseberries (Grossularia Reclina (L.) mill)

Volodymyr Kuryata, Halyna Shataliuk


The effect of gibberellin and tebuconazole on the content of sugars and starch in the leaves of gooseberry cultivar Mashenka in plant ontogenesis is established, the anatomical features and biochemical changes in the shoots for the actions of the preparations are analyzed, the effect of the preparations on the crop yield is fixed.

The aim of the study was to find out the dynamics of the accumulation of non-structural carbohydrates (sugar + starch) in the leaves, growth characteristics, the formation of the anatomical structure and changes in the chemical composition of the shoots and the yield of gooseberries due to the effects of gibberellic acid and tebuconazole.

Materials and methods. According to the experimental variants, the plants were treated once in the budding phase with a 0.005% solution of gibberellic acid and a 0.025% aqueous solution of tebuconazole. Determination of cellulose, pectin and lignin was carried out by the gravimetric method, hemicellulose and non-structural carbohydrates (sugars and starch) in the leaves and stems of gooseberries were studied by the iodometric method.  Features of the anatomical structure were determined on a fixed material of annual shoots at the end of the growing season (October).

The results of the study. Due to the formation of a powerful donor sphere for the actions of the preparations, gooseberry plants accumulated more non-structural carbohydrates (sugar + starch) in the leaves, which became a prerequisite for increasing the yield of experimental plants, while the effectiveness of tebuconazole was higher than gibberellin. The excess of assimilates was used not only for the processes of carpogenesis, but also for the formation of shoots: the content of structural biopolymers of the cell walls increased under the action of the preparations, more sugars and starch accumulated in wintering shoots, which is a prerequisite for more frost-resistant plants.

Conclusions. The use of gibberellin and tebuconazole leads to an increase in the content of non-structural carbohydrates (sugar + starch) in gooseberry leaves. This helps to increase the productivity of the culture, the restructuring of the anatomical structure and the accumulation of biopolymers of cell walls and reserve carbohydrates in shoots, which is a prerequisite for increasing plant frost resistance


gooseberries; gibberellins; tebuconazole; donor-acceptor system; carbohydrates; productivity


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