Clinical efficacy suppositories «Prostalin forte» in the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis


  • M.I. Boyko National Medical University named after. O.O. Bogomolets, Ukraine
  • I.S. Chornokulskiy DNU "NPC PKM" DUS, Ukraine



chronic prostatitis, Prostalin forte, suppositories


Given the prevalence of a chronic prostatitis and difficulties in its treatment of extreme urgency is the development of effective regimens of this disease. We determined the effectiveness of clinical use of suppositories “Prostalin forte” in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Suppositories “Prostalin forte” refers to a group of combined herbal preparations containing incorporates three high-level components: ihtiola, herb extract of witch hazel and potassium iodide. In analyzing the study data, we can conclude pronounced decrease of chronic prostatitis, which brought on the basis of a questionnaire on a scale of symptoms of chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain syndrome in men (NIH-CPSI). Overall clinical efficacy “Prostalin forte” can recommend it to patients with chronic prostatitis. The drug “Prostalin forte” has minor side effects that did not require discontinuation of therapy.


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