Peng Liu


Article is devoted to revealing dramatic ideas image Jose in Bizet's opera "Carmen" and the specifics of its musical incarnation. Vocal part of Jose is considered in terms of its musical expression correlating with the logic of the dramatic development of the image. Specifically allocated dynamical, register and musically-themed features in vocal part of Jose, which can determine the logic of performing the function of interpretation and meaning "nodes" in building musical-stage image.

The purpose of the article-revealing dramatic ideas image Jose and specificity of its musical incarnation, containing vocal style originality of this hero.

The urgency of addressing this topic is due, above all, demand for the opera "Carmen" in modern opera performing. Also it should be noted that marked the popularity of the works, it rarely becomes an object of musicological interest, especially in this role matters musical and dramatic way of character Jose.

For the artist part of Jose especially important to understanding the artistic conception of the image as the main male character of the opera "Carmen" is firmly inscribed in the development of the opera action – it is almost always involved in the action, he is constantly on the stage, he is an active participant in the events. Therefore, it is important for the understanding of the singer what, why and how it goes in the life of his hero. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the composer's vision of this image, which differs radically from the literary source Mérimée. In the musical characteristics of Don Jose is completely absent Spanish flavor: his music is associated with the romantic style of French opera and expressive veristical style.

Stylistic transformation of vocal style is the main difficulty of the character Jose, and not all similar tenor have an arsenal of expressive means – both vocal and dramatic.

Therefore, part of Jose can be considered very serious challenge to professional skills of performers-both vocally and in drama. For the artist part of Jose task is to create a musical-stage image, the idea of which is subject to continuous development, and through continuous transformation of the inner world of mental and emotional manifestations.


musical drama; the development of the character; vocal part; musical thematism; Verismo; expression

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