Antonina Dubrivna Antonina,


The article is devoted to the actual problem of comprehension and identifying the impact of Kazimir Malevich's heritage on social and cultural processes in the present. The ideas of the origin and formation of the social projects creation as a mode of artistic influence public consciousness in the context of cultural processes of modern life on an example of the organization and conduct the international social art project "R-evolution. Suprematism. Maydan" are analyzed.

One hundred years ago, the artist painted the most famous and controversial work "Black Square". The artist introduced the world to his own painting concept – Suprematism. In 2015 the UNESCO declared the year of K. Malevich. So the world cultural community pays tribute to the important contribution of the founder of Suprematism as an artist, a philosopher, a teacher, an art theorist and a social activist. At the beginning of 2015 the socio-cultural life of Kyiv can observe the activation of art processes that demonstrate the interest of Kazimir Malevich's cultural heritage. In October2014 inZaragoza (Spain), in February in the Kyiv (Ukraine) and in April of 2015 the Huesca (Spain) the international social art project "R-evolution. Suprematism. Maydan" was held. In February2015 inthe National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture a project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Suprematism’s birth was organized. In the National Union of Artists of Ukraine the exhibition of abstract painting was held.

The purpose of the article is to study the origins and formation of ideas and the creation of social and art projects as a means of influence on public consciousness in the context of cultural processes of modern life in Ukraine.

Modernity raises the understanding of the artist's way to a new level of comprehension in the context of dynamic changes in the social and cultural life of modern Ukraine. It requires from artists the active position and response to social problems. There are different ways to relate to events and changes in recent years that occurred in Ukraine but can’t be indifferent to them.

The author and curator of the project "R-evolution. Suprematism. Maidan" was Carlos Garcia Lahoz, a Spanish conceptual sculptor, designer and social activist. The title of the project demonstrates the main idea of the project to which curator and artists trying to attract attention. The idea of the project is association instead of separation, creation instead of destruction, respect for different opinions and work for a joint project which is called "Ukraine". There freedom and opportunities are guaranteed and where children will have a better future and where no one will feel outside of society because of their beliefs, origin, religion or social level. The changing of the mentality of society leads to the development of all spheres of life. "Revolution" should move to another quality – "Evolution". The purpose of the action is a comprehension of the cultural heritage of Kazimir Malevich and effect to art and consciousness of people for understand the revolutionary events that occurred in Ukraine 2013-2014 years.

It is known that the legacy of Kazimir Malevich is a great contribution of the world cultural treasury and is powerful source of knowledge of modern artists. It stimulates creative global processes of progressive sublimity. This is confirmed on an example of international social and artistic project "R-evolution. Suprematism. Maydan".


cultural heritage of Kazimir Malevich; social and cultural life; art projects; social problems of society; social consciousness; modernity; social art project "R-evolution. Suprematism. Maydan"