The concept of contemporary dance and composition of its choreographic text

Olha Khendryk


The purpose of the research is to examine and describe the meaning of the term "composition of choreographic text in a contemporary dance". Methodology of the research. To achieve the objectives of the study the author used the following methods: historical and chronological approach for determination of the main and specific aspects of the development of theory and practice of contemporary dance; methods of terminological and comparative analysis of the theoretical concepts of modernity for revealing the meaning of a "contemporary dance"; analysis, synthesis and summarizing of the national and international theoretical researches for adaptation of the process of composition of a contemporary dance to the choreographic practice of the universities in Ukraine. The scientific novelty lies in an attempt to determine the essential features of the concept of "contemporary dance" and characteristics of its elements, internal processes, relationships and trends of composition of its choreographic text. Conclusions. The development of the skills of composition of choreographic text throughout the educational process is one of the ways of experimental search for modifications, transformations or the synthesis of modern dance movements and encouraging future choreographers to rethink the essence of dance based on its history and culture, and therefore its qualitative individualization, an important constituent of modernity and the aesthetics of a contemporary dance.


composition of choreographic text; the art of choreographer; choreographic education; contemporary dance