Pianist performing thesaurus: the method of analysis

Igor Riabov


Purpose of Article. The goal of the article is to demonstrate the proposed method of analysis of the performing thesaurus on the materials of the repertory preferences of winners of the International Competition for Young Pianists after V. Horowitz. Methodology. The methodology of the study is to use the analysis and synthesis, which make it possible to systematize the contestants of the repertoire preferences and crystallize the components of the thesaurus. Scientific novelty. Scientific novelty is the fact that in Music studies we are the first who propose to divide the performing thesaurus into four components. The most part of the article presents a new method to analyse the performance thesaurus. Conclusions. The author’s method for the analysis of artist repertory preferences makes it possible to indicate the individual features of the performers. Making their repertoire, artists firstly choose the compositions which help to show their mastery.


performance art; performance thesaurus; repertoire of pianists; International competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz