Marianna Adamovska


The purpose of the research. The purposes of the article are to find out the role of the modern information and communication technologies and systems in the global tourist space, to understand the specific features of the functioning of technologies and systems of tourist ID cards in the global tourism sector and to study the problems of their adaptation and the prospects of their implementation in Ukraine. Methodology. The methodology of the research is based on the culturological reflection. The author uses the historical, systemic, structural-functional methods and the method of the event-analysis. Scientific novelty. The scientific novelty of the research is to substantiate the need to introduce the tourism ID systems as a kind of information and communication technologies in the national tourist area. Basing on the analysis, the author identifies the problems and perspectives of their using in Ukraine. Conclusions. We have fulfilled the following tasks to reach the purposes of the research: 1) explored the specifics of the Internet systems as a kind of information and communication system of technologies; 2) determined the necessity of using ID cards in the tourism sphere to ensure and implement the comprehensive highly-qualified tourist services as well as an effective strategy for the development of domestic tourism at the national and international levels.


information and communication technologies; ІD technologies and systems; tourist ID cards; tourist space; strategy of tourist development.

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