Composition as a new style search

Oleksii Ovchrenko, Olena Podvolotska


The purpose of the article is to analyze the transformation and understanding of the concept of “style” in relation to the concept of “composition”. The research methodology is based on the synthesis of general scientific methods, as well as methods integrated with art criticism, comparative and cultural-historical approaches. The scientific novelty of the research is in an attempt to trace the transformation and attitude to style in modern postmodern society, in particular, in relation to the concept of architectural composition. Conclusions. Eclectic aesthetic and artistic consciousness actively appeals, builds on and uses the concept of style, gradually bringing it to full aesthetic homogeneity and neutralization. However, the systematic nature of compositional thinking, in particular in design, is just as relevant as in other, more traditional, forms of creative realization of a person, which always requires to find its own stylistic solutions. New styles are not so much born spontaneously, as a kind of result, how many consciously modeled, focusing on historical styles. A stylist does not invent as much as he combines all historical experience, which gives him the opportunity to creatively use it to search for individual expression.


style; composition; postmodern; eclectic; design.


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