Yurii Horban


With the beginning of political and economic reforms, with the change of state information and cultural policy, libraries have begun a new phase of their development. There is an evolution of its social role: changing technologies, service forms, the nature of interaction with authorities and different social groups. The memorial function of libraries is essential. It provides preservation of the books that are the heritage of history and culture or book monuments, promoting them with modern means, and ensuring the proper organization and access of users to knowledge. The purpose of the article is to highlight the state of book preservation at the present stage, where the top issue is the lack of a concerted policy to preserve the National Library Fund, ensuring the preservation of the documentary heritage of Ukraine as a national part of the world's heritage. Methodology of the research is to use general scientific cognition methods, including a systematic approach to discover the current state of library science and identify the mechanisms of its activity. The axiological approach is used to determine the meaningful value of a source, its systemic integrity while combining the value of information and material media at the same time. In addition, theoretical and empirical methods have been applied, in particular, the analysis of the condition of books, abstraction, analogy, deduction, induction, reduction and synthesis, structuring of data on its preservation. The scientific novelty of the research is to identify the factors that cause the library's long-term and secure preservation under current conditions. Conclusions. It is proved that holdings maintenance should be provided to preserve and secure funds. The following preservation action should be followed: to maintain the material and sanitary-hygienic condition of the premises at the appropriate level; to equip libraries with modern systems of technical means of safety, constant improvement of material and technical base; to follow regulatory regimes of documents preservation and their conservation; to ensure the processes of protection, preservation and use of library funds with right amount of skilled personnel, etc.


: preservation, book monuments, library, information, library collection, rare and valuable publications, conservation, digitization.

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