Psychocorrection of the person by the means of graphic methods


  • Любов Іванівна Фізер Svaliava gymnasium 89 Verkhovynska str., Svaliava, Ukraine, 89300, Ukraine



graphic projective tests, psychocorrectional impact, procedural psychodiagnostics, "I" - text, identity, interpretation


The features of psychocorrection of the person by the means of graphic projective tests are considered in the article. The aim is focused on the feasibility of using complex graphic tests, providing in-depth knowledge of the global phenomena of the person’s psycho. The basis of the article is procedural diagnostics, which aims to merge in practice psychodiagnostical and correction processes in a single process. The presented method not only significantly increases the interest of pupils in self-exploration, but also has therapeutic substantially

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Любов Іванівна Фізер, Svaliava gymnasium 89 Verkhovynska str., Svaliava, Ukraine, 89300

Рractical psychologist


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Psychological science