Медійний простір України: посткомуністичний досвід


  • Viktoriya Havrylyuk Uniwersytet Śląski, Poland
  • Marek Jachimowski Uniwersytet Śląski,

Ключові слова:

information space, media system, communication, television, on line media, social media


Based on a review of the extensive related literature, the changes that have taken place in the media and information space of Ukraine since Soviet times for the first twenty years of independence of that state have been shown in this article. The authors of the publication try to show the multiple conditions affecting the shaping of these spaces: from historical, social, political and economic to technological. They also indicate global phenomena that also influence the processes that shape contemporary periodic media and mediated communication of Ukraine.

Біографії авторів

Viktoriya Havrylyuk, Uniwersytet Śląski

Вікторія Гаврилюк

Силезський університет в Катовицях

Marek Jachimowski, Uniwersytet Śląski

Марек Яхимовський

Силезський університет у Катовицях






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