Ana Cláudia Correia Coelho

University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal

Associate Professor whith Hability of Department of Veterinary Sciences


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Researcher ID: K-4740-2013



Selected Publications:

  1. Matos, M., Jota Baptista, C., Oliveira, P. A., Matos, A. C., Soares, A. S., Santos, M., Figueira, L., Coelho, A. C. (2023). Talaromyces marneffei isolated from nasal swabs in Portugal. Medical Mycology, 61 (4). doi:

  2. Soares, A. S., Miranda, C., Coelho, A. C., Trindade, H. (2023). Occurrence of Coliforms and Enterococcus Species in Drinking Water Samples Obtained from Selected Dairy Cattle Farms in Portugal. Agriculture, 13(4), 885. doi:

  3. Pires, H., Cardoso, L., Lopes, A., Fontes, M., Matos, M., Pintado, C., Figueira, L., Mesquita, J., Matos, A., Coelho, A. (2023). Seropositivity for Coxiella burnetii in Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) and Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in Portugal. Pathogens, 12(3), 421. doi:

  4. Pessoa, K., Alves Costa, C. L., Coelho, A. C., Bastos, A., Rodrigues, I. (2023). Use of Instagram as a Resource for the Adoption of Behaviors Related to Health and Well-Being of Young College Students: Associations between Use Profile and Sociodemographic Variables—A Cross-Sectional Study. Societies, 13(2), 45. doi:

  5. Santos, H., Pinto, M., Cardoso, L., Rodrigues, I., Coelho, A. (2023). What if a Bioterrorist Attack Occurs? – A Survey on Citizen Preparedness in Aveiro, Portugal. Societies, 13(1), 18. doi:

  6. Valente, D., Gomes, J., Coelho, A. C., Carolino, I. (2022). Genetic Resistance of Bovines to Theileriosis. Animals, 12 (21), 2903. doi:

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