Maria Angelica Miglino

University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Researcher ID: B-9519-2012
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Professional (scientific) interests: Stem cells, Tissue engenier, Animal reproduction

Selected Publications:

  1. Barreto, R. S. N., Carvalho, H. J. C., Matias, G. S. S., Silva, M. G. K. C., Ribeiro, R. R., Campanelli, T. B., Rigoglio, N. N., Carreira, A. C. O., Miglino, M. A. (2023). The extracellular matrix protein pattern in the canine neoplastic mammary gland. Tissue and Cell, 82, 102050. doi:

  2. Acuña, F., Portiansky, E. L., Miglino, M. A., Flamini, M. A., Barbeito, C. G. (2023). Embryonic-placental relationship in Lagostomus maximus as compared to other hystricognath rodents and eutherian mammals. Zoology, 158, 126082. doi:

  3. Acuña, F., Carril, J., Portiansky, E. L., Flamini, M. A., Miglino, M. A., Barbeito, C. G. (2023). Placental glycotype of the caviomorph rodent Lagostomus maximus and its evolution within Eutheria. Journal of Morphology, 284 (3). doi:

  4. Vélez-García, J. F., Miglino, M. A. (2022). Evolutionary comparative analysis of the extrinsic thoracic limb muscles in three procyonids (Procyon cancrivorus Cuvier, 1798, Nasua nasua Linnaeus, 1766, and Potos flavus Schreber, 1774) based on their attachments and innervation. Anatomical Science International, 98 (2), 273–292. doi:

  5. Pantoja, B. T. dos S., Carvalho, R. C., Miglino, M. A., Carreira, A. C. O. (2023). The Canine Pancreatic Extracellular Matrix in Diabetes Mellitus and Pancreatitis: Its Essential Role and Therapeutic Perspective. Animals, 13 (4), 684. doi:

  6. Monroy‐Cendales, M. J., Vélez‐García, J. F., Castañeda‐Serrano, R. D., & Miglino, M. A. (2022). Gross anatomical description of the extrinsic and intrinsic scapular and brachial muscles of Sapajus apella (Linnaeus, 1758). Journal of Medical Primatology, 52 (1), 3–16. doi:

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