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Publons is a platform from Clarivate Analytics that provides a free service for tracking, monitoring, reviewing, and displaying scientists' publications, citation rates, reviews, and journal editors. The system allows users to upload their articles, papers and monographs, even if they are not indexed in Web of Science, and stores the author's review history for scientific journals. Publons allows you to evaluate a scientist's contributions as an author, reviewer, or editor. Thus, Publons is a great opportunity to expand the colony of professional communication and increase one's ranking.

The publisher is interested in the success of authors and reviewers, because their rating affects the rating of the journal in one way or another. Today, PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER invites you to visit our Publons page and support our journal by clicking on "ENDORSE THIS JOURNAL" in the publisher's profile ScienceRise: Biological Science

By doing so, you will help other scholars to see our publications, and your audience may be the one who will demand our articles.

Our publisher strongly encourages all reviewers, authors, and editors to join Publons. And if you are our reviewer, join the review team as soon as possible and get to the top of the list!