"ScienceRise: Biological Science" journal is included in one of the most prestigious world databases in the field of biology CAB Abstracts.


CAB Abstracts is a leading English-language bibliographic information service that provides access to the world's applied literature on the natural sciences. CAB Abstracts comes with CABI Full Text, giving users automatic access to more than 470,000 journal articles, conference documents and reports (80% of which are not available anywhere else in electronic format).

CAB Abstracts covers over 8,000 periodicals.

Over 3,100 of them are not available on Scopus

Over 4,300 of them are not available on the Web of Science.

Over 5,200 of them are not available on Biosis


What makes this resource an invaluable source of information for scientists around the world in this subject area.


CAB Abstracts covers publications from more than 120 countries in 50 languages since 1973, including a number of niche independent journals, providing the most complete picture on any subject.


CAB Abstracts is used by hundreds of leading world institutions, including 75% of American universities, as well as many leading universities and research centers from around the world. In particular, the active users are:

– The Campbell Collaboration

– Colorado State University, USA

– Cornell University, USA

– Murdoch University, Australia

– University of British Columbia, Canada

– University of Nottingham, UK

– Yale University, USA


The inclusion of the "ScienceRise: Biological Science" journal in CAB Abstracts enables our authors to join this global highly specialized resource and make their work accessible to leading experts from around the world.