• Seyed Mansour Khoshkalam Soleymandarabi
  • Orkideh Hamedi



Abstract. Todays, with the increasing competition in the production and sale of diverse products on the market and the increasing organizations efforts to produce value for customers and consumers, the selection of competitive advantages in business is very important. One of the most common competitive advantages is the provision of services along with the sale of the product to customers. The replacement of faulty products from customers, which is called “warranty”, is one of the most common services in selling products. Warranty service is costly for manufacturers and is not usually considered to be effective in organizations, and in the long run, it costs a lot to the organization. Consequently, like any other process, it is necessary to evaluate and compare its results with the primary goals and analyze the causes of the deviation, and finally identify shortcomings and take action. In the present paper, analyze were carried out using information from 2,400 products from the Pars Khazar Manufacturing Company. During the current analysis, the process of replacing defective products and comparing the results with the goals has been examined, which results can be extended to other large organizations. The result of the current research is to identify the key factors affecting the effectiveness and efficiency of the process of warranty, such as marketing, distribution, logistics, product design, staff training, standardization of processes, information systems, organizational corrective actions, and agility.
Keywords: Pathology - guarantee service - Great Organizations – Case study


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