• Hamid Sarmadi
  • Taghi Pashayei Gonbad
  • Amin Javdani
  • Babak Movaghi
  • Behzad Nadiri
  • Roghaye Shahdoust



Abstract. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the power of the country from a global level to the regional level has led the country's political elites to rethink their policies and focus their attention on the outside world.The Islamic Republic of Iran has also been an important part of its post-Cold War effort towards a policy of looking at the East by strengthening international alliances with the aim of undermining structural pressures. And the United States has tried to enforce its influence in the region, particularly in the Caucasus and the Middle East, and has caused some dangers. Therefore, the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia have decided to cooperate and balance the power towards the United States.The study aims to emphasize the importance of joint political, military-security and regional cooperation between Iran and Russia in search of the national interests of the two countries to achieve a balance of power towards the United States. The main theme of the article is what are the areas of strategic development of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia and what are the goals pursued? The hypothesis is that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia are expanding their strategic ties in pursuit of coalition with the aim of reducing
structural pressures and balancing the ruling hegemonic system. Accordingly, the two-state balance-of-arms strategy will ultimately lead to national interests and a balance in the United States and reduce its influence in the region. The research method in this analytical-descriptive study is information library collection.
Key words: Iran, Russia, Middle East, Strategic Alliance, America.


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