• Gholam Reza Miri
  • Amir Kaveh
  • Hossein Manouchehrian
  • Mehdi Mobasheri



Abstract. The valuable historical- cultural resources as one of the components of the society’s cultural figure can reflect cultural and historical capacities and characteristics, which in this regard can lead to urban growth and development. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of the cultural-historical branding in the development and growth of Zahedan city. The research method is analytically- applied based on library, documentary, and field studies. To analyze the data used of SPSS software and AHP. A single-sample T test used to assess the role of the cultural-historical branding in the development and growth of Zahedan city. The results show that, in all the indicators,  the calculated average is higher than the median of three (median= 3), it results illustrates the great role of cultural-
historical branding and its place in urban development. As well as we used of the Spearman correlation test to ensure the existence correlation between growth indicators and urban development. The results show that there is a meaningful relationship between the growth indicator and urban development (With a significant level of less than 0.05). To measure and prioritize the cultural- historical branding indicators used of the AHP model. The result reveals that the highest ranks respectively belong to the line index with relative significance calculated 0.445, the language dialect and the race with the relative significance obtained 230.0, architecture with the relative significance obtained 0.107. As well
as the lower ranks belongs to the music index with the relative importance 0.047, The index of oral literature with a relative importance 0.056 and the religious and ritual index with relative importance obtained 0.103.
Keywords: Cultural-historical branding, Urban development, Communities, Zahedan city.


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