• Lilya Khuzeeva



Abstract. Narratology as a general narrative theory applies to the analysis of artistic and historical texts. At the same time, it can be successfully applied to the analysis of television scenarios, because it allows you to see the general course of the proposed history, determine the television picture of the world, and, perhaps, more broadly, media reality. The reconstruction of the TV show model can be useful for the subsequent implementation in the practical activities on television when creating original projects. Based on the narratological analysis of the two seasons of the reality show “Ladette” (they appeared on the Russian TV channel “Piatnitsa” in 2016-2017), the author identifies the composition of the program and narrative strategies that implement various types of narrators. In the course of the study, groups of
narrators were identified, their roles in the development of the plot were defined, and their narrative strategies were formulated. A consistent study of the implementation of the strategy led to a general conclusion about which strategy is leading and decisive for this type of reality show. Identification of narrative strategies allows you to expand the boundaries of potential project changes in the future, and also stimulates the search for optimal ways to implement various television functions, including regulatory, social and educational, and others.
Keywords: television, reality television, reality shows, narratology, strategy, narration, composition.


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