• Alexandra Bokovnya
  • Fedor Sundurov




Abstract. In the offered article the identity of the guilty person and the manifestation in crime, behavior prior to, in time and after its commission is investigated. It is emphasized that if the basis of assignment of punishment is commission of crime, then the identity of the convict acts as the main and central criterion of its individualization. Authors pay attention that in a number of the European states (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, etc.) to accounting of the circumstances characterizing the personality guilty of crime when electing a measure of punishment attaches more essential significance in comparison with CC of the Russian Federation. A conclusion it is that further improvement of legislative regulation and
practice of punishment implementation and especially other measures of criminal liability assumes increase in a role of the data characterizing the identity of the guilty person in the system of individualization criteria which penetrate, give specifics and originality to all these criteria.
Keywords: responsibility; criminal penalty; assignment of punishment; criteria; identity of the guilty person; crime; punishment individualization criteria; degree of public danger of crime; the mitigating circumstances; the aggravating circumstances.


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