• Ekaterina Grigoreva
  • Elvira Polovkina
  • Liliya Astafyeva



Abstract. The relevance of the study is due to the need to apply methods of economic and statistical analysis, since they determine the degree of the results consistency to the potential production opportunities and their cost under reindustrialization. The research investigated the existing problems in the application of the grouping method in the analysis of management effectiveness. The authors used a systematic approach to the statistical study of production and management efficiency, which involves an interrelated consideration of resources, the level of their use, and the resulting outcomes. Methodological approaches to the integrated assessment of enterprise activities were developed by combining three characteristics in one grouping – the level of technical equipment, labor efficiency and capital productivity.
Further research is aimed at developing and examining a generalized assessment of the organizational and technical level of enterprises on the basis of the grouping method.
Key words: labor productivity, grouping method, management, capital productivity, technical equipment, production process.


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