• Zavdat Safin
  • Marat Zagidullin
  • Ruslan Sitdikov



Abstract. This paper provides an analysis of the legal norms of ancient Russia, identifies the rules on the
judicial process and legal liability. Translating into modern legal terminology, we can say that the following measures
of responsibility have already been applied in the judicial process of Ancient Russia and in the period of feudal disunity:
for unreasonable recourse to the court and the subsequent physical punishment - compensation for
harm (moral and health);
for the defendant’s failure to appear in court: the issuance of an extrajudicial certificate (by default),
the respondent’s attachment, a fine;
for the witness’ failure to appear in court summoned on the initiative of the party - postponement of
the burden of proof;
for providing inadmissible evidence (in some categories of cases, for example, loans) - postponement
of the burden of proof;
for deception of the court (when considering complaints against actions of police officers) -
deprivation of the authorities of police officers and/or deprivation of the right to sue;
for abuse of authority by bailiffs - a fine;
for failure to fulfill a judicial act on a voluntary basis - an enforcement fee, execution;
for violation of the court order - a fine;
for making an unjust decision by a judge – moral responsibility only.
Keywords: legal responsibility, civil procedure, Ancient Russia, procedural responsibility.


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