• Alexandra Bokovnya
  • Fedor Sundurov



Abstract. The proposed article studies the insufficiently studied problem of dualism in the construction and regulation of the application of criminal law to persons who have committed crimes. The authors distinguish two levels of legal consequences caused by the crime commission: 1) the system of punishments and 2) the system (or aggregate) of other (besides punishment) criminal legal measures. As a historical trend (which is still observed today), they recognize the increasing saturation of criminal legislation with non-punitive measures. In their opinion, in terms of successfully solving the tasks of criminal law, an optimal combination of punishment and other measures of a criminal
legal nature, that is, proper corrective and preventive measures, is needed. The article reveals a different approach to the regulation of the punishment system; if, for example, there are 13-17 types of punishment in Russia and a number of neighboring countries, there are only 3 “ordinary” punishments in the Criminal Code of Poland. This diversity is even more evident in the regulation of other criminal legal measures. The authors positively assess the dualistic system of measures in criminal law and believe that it should be improved in terms of their humanization and differentiation depending on the severity of the crimes committed, the identity of the perpetrators and other significant criteria.
Key words: crime; criminal law; criminal liability; punishment; other criminal legal measures; punishment
system, system of other measures; purpose of criminal responsibility; punitive impact; non-punitive measures.


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