• Sadjad Divandari
  • Seyed Abdullah Mirtaheri



Abstract. Nowadays, filters are the main component of communication systems. Often they are used to
select certain frequencies. Filters usually plays a key role in choosing or limiting the radio frequency signals.
Compressed midrange filters are constructed by using in-line digital microstrip lines on composite lenses suitable for high frequencies with over 6,000 sub-layers. BFP microstrips, 1.69 / 2.3GHz dual-state dual-band 1.69 / 2.3GHz, are the new generation of microstrips that have just been introduced. In the present study, the performance of this type of microstrip was simulated. To simulate the BFP efficiency with different makeups, a set of simulations was performed based on HFSS. After examining a few cases, the study of the relationship between different parameters has been investigated. Finally, after examining different modes, the conclusions were discussed. The proposed filter design method can be very suitable for designing the receiver module and compact transmitter.
Keywords: microstrip, radio filter, intermediate frequency band pass filter, biaxial filter and double-sided.


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