• Sepideh Alizadeh Babei



Abstract. In this article victimization of women in two criminal justice systems of Iran and England has
been investigated. Violence against women, in fact involves any kind of physical, psychological and sexual violence, etc, in the areas of family and community. Several factors can predispose the violence against women in any field. One of the factors that somehow are effective in increasing or decreasing the violence is how criminal sensitivity and available legal Acts deal with such actions. For example, the discriminations that some of the Islamic Penal Code's Articles have considered for women and men (Article 310 of IPC). Articles which have ambiguities or gaps in the field of violence towards women or appear to be disable in supporting them (Article 639 of IPC, T and B) and the existence of Articles such as (630 of IPC, T and B) and b) that in somehow provide the context of violence towards women. Detailed review on the Articles of Islamic Penal Code and the gaps that exist in this Act concerning violence towards women, as well as other factors in this regard can offer and provide amendments in order to formulate more appropriate Acts. Of course, the mere reforms in existing laws alone is not enough to stop violence towards women and various social and personal protections should be done for people vulnerable to victimization both before and after the crimes; in victims who are vulnerable for victimization again, all the preventive and supportive actions should accurately be considered to provide effective criminal policy in order to
prevent the occurrence of crimes of violence towards women or repeating it in the community in a better way.
Keywords: women, violence, victimization, criminal protection, preventive protection


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