• Mohammad Hasan Tajdary
  • Amir Hossien Soltanifallah
  • A.A. Mansour
  • . Soheilrezaei
  • . Alishirdel



Abstract. The purpose of this study according to the importance of life skills in solving interpersonal problems and improving mental health of high school students,was to investigate the effect of life skills training on increasing self-esteem, increasing self-esteem and reducing aggression among high school male students. This researchwas conducted with the quasi-experimental methods and with pre-test design - Post-test by a control group. The statistical population of the study is male high school students in Fereydan city who are in the academic year 1997-96.Sampling in this research was downedby using non-random (available) method. And subjects were divided into two experimental and control groups (each group was 30). In this research, bass and perry aggression questionnaire, Cooper Smith Self-Esteem Questionnaire and Gambler and Richie assertion questionnaire were used. Data were analyzed using SPSS software using multivariate analysis of covariance. The results of the analysis showed that there is a significant difference between the two experimental and control groups in terms of increasing self-esteem, increasing the level of assertiveness and decreasing aggression (P <0.05). The findings of this study show the effect of life skills training on increasing self-esteem, increasing assertiveness and reducing aggression.
Key words: life skills, self-esteem, assertiveness, aggression.


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