• Ali Norouzi Lajimi
  • Jafar Aminibar
  • Hasan Baghernezhad Omran
  • Rahmatollah Tavakoli
  • Mohammad Taher
  • Shokri Eskandarkolaie
  • Danial Barzegar Badeleh



Abstract. In this research, priority has been given to the factors affecting the selection of contractors in the municipality. The statistical population in this study is the managers, experts and experts in the field of logistics, technical and shopping for the municipalities and selected our sample from the experts of this group. Regarding qualification and factors affecting contractor selection, the indicators that are most effective in contracting contractors' competence are extracted from library studies and evaluated by Delphi method and distribution of questionnaires. Delphi group was considered as 51 individuals. Using hierarchical analysis technique, ranking of factors influencing the prioritization of the contractors of the municipality was investigated. According to the results, the components of financial power and support price and proposed price of financial-economic factors, components of good previous projects, creativity and innovation in previous projects, documentation and experience of design and construction teams (human resources), continuous communication with the employer and the consultant in the previous projects, from the point of view of the empirical factors, components of the various competencies of the organizations and the official organs, availability of ready-made quipment and machinery from the point of view of technical-equipment factors, effective management components and roper management system, observance of predicted scheduling, observance of safety and security guidelines, observance
of environmental laws and social security from the point of view of management factors had the most impact on the prioritization of municipal contractors from the point of view of experts.
Keywords: Prioritization of Contractors, Municipalities, Hierarchical Analysis Method.


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