Vol 19, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Biomineralization of magnet nanoparticles with bacterial symbionts of man. PDF
S. V. Horobets, О. Yu. Horobets, К. О. Butenko, Yu. М. Chyzh 4-12
Experimental study of modifying influence of nanoaquachelate gold citrate on embryotoxicity of lead acetate in rats. PDF
V. F. Shatorna, V. I. Garetz, E. M. Biletska, N. М. Onul, O. O. Nefyodova, S. S. Ostrovskа, S. V. Stepanov, N. I. Dihno 12-17
Perspectives of treatment of anemias with cells of fetal liver, immobilized in macroporous alginate-gelatin carriers. PDF
D. V. Gritsay, A. S. Lebedinsky, O. V. Ochenashko, Yu. А. Petrenko, А. Yu. Petrenko 18-24


Episodes of asthma during pregnancy – link with a viral infection and treatment approaches. PDF
T. A. Pertseva, T. V. Kireyeva, N. K. Kravchenko 25-32
Optimizing antibiotic therapy of group IV community-acquired pneumonia patients. PDF
Ya. O. Dziublyk 32-38
The rate of liver impairment, character of bacteremia and serum bactericidal activity in patients with cirrhosis. PDF
S. N. Krutikov, Yu. L. Krivorutchenko, O. N. Postnikova, M. S. Krutikova, T. A. Logadir 39-45
Frameless stereotaxic radiosurgery for multiple brain metastases. PDF
I. N. Diкаn, А. B. Griazov, Е. G. Аndreychenko, О. V. Zemskova, I. V. Кruchоk, М. М. Denisenko, I. P. Spasichenko 45-52
Features of severe community acquired pneumonia in hiv-infected patients. PDF
K. O. Bielosludtseva 53-60
Combined trauma in peaceful time. PDF
V. A. Chaika 60-64
Pathogenetic substantiation of surgical treatment of recurrent inguinal hernia. PDF
L. S. Bilіanskyі, O. V. Svіsenko, S. I. Netesa 64-71
Analysis of study rezults of biopsies of the vagina mucous membrane in women with recurrent genital prolapse. PDF
R. M. Banakhevich, К. В. Akimova, P. O. Gritsenko, E. Yu. Roghnev 72-78
Influence of anesthesia techniques of caesarean section on memory, perception and speech. PDF
O. O. Volkov 78-85
Features of bioelectrical activity of the heart in children with chronic pyelonephritis. PDF
L. I. Vakulenko 85-92
State of cognitive development in children 5-6 years of age with nutritional iron deficiency. PDF
S. A. Mokiya-Serbinа, V. V. Chechel 92-97
Role of adjuvant therapy in the treatment of helicobacter pylori infection in children. PDF
O. N. Gerasymenko 97-102
Methods of diagnosing and restoring teeth abutments with different degrees of inclination in hard tissue defects and periodontal diseases. PDF
I. V. Vyklyuk, Z. R. Ozhogan 103-107
Dynamic of changes of lactoferrin content in rotavirus infection in children of early age. PDF
A. E. Abaturov, Yu. Yu. Stepanova 108-111
Postoperative atrial fibrillation. PDF
О. А. Yepanchintseva 112-122


Role of ecosystem of reservoir basin of the Dnieper river for ensuring life standards and population’s health in Ukraine. PDF
A. G. Shapar 123-129
Hygienic aspects of lead osteotropicity as a risk factor of calcium-deficit pathology in man (literature survey).
E. M. Biletska, N. M. Onul, O. V. Bezub 130-138
Morpho-functional state of the liver and changes of blood biochemical parameters in rats exposed to lead sulfide nanoparticles in the remote terms of research. PDF
S. T. Omelchuk, V. D. Aleksiychuk 139-144
Hygienic assessment of safety of environmental objects and agricultural crops in anilinopyrimidines fungicides application. PDF
E. P. Vavrinevych, S. T. Omelchuk, V. G. Bardov, S. V. Bilous 144-151
Substaniation of antimicrobial dressings use in surgery. PDF
G. K. Paliy, O. A. Nazarchuk, O. I. Kulakov, V. G. Paliy, S. A. Nazarchuk, D. V. Paliy, Y. V. Kordon, O. O. Gonchar 152-158


Incidence of respiratory tract sarcoidosis in southern and northern regions of Ukraine. PDF
G. L. Gumenyuk 159-161