Rules for submitting an article's manuscript

1. Read the editorial and publishing policies

2. Get acquainted with the conditions of publication:

If you have any questions regarding the conditions of publication in the journal ScienceRise: PharmaceuticalScience, you can contact the journal manager in a way convenient for you (link

3. Determine the type of article and execute the article in accordance with the requirements

4. Submit the article to the editor 

5. You can send these documents in one of the following ways:

By email. You can send the above documents by e-mail (, In this case, the text of the letter should be as follows:

Dear Editors! 

Please find enclosed for your review an original research article, «____________» by ________________________ All authors have read and approved this version of the article. No part of this paper was published or submitted elsewhere. No conflict of interest exits in the submission of this manuscript. We appreciate your consideration of our manuscript for possible publication in journal «ScienceRise: Biological Science», and we look forward to receiving comments from the reviewers.

On behalf of all authors of this manuscript,


- Submit an article on-line using the OJS platform (Open Journal System). When submitting an article in this way, the manuscript of the article and the necessary documents are loaded into the appropriate fields (link).

6. Successfully go through the stages of editing and double-blind peer review (link

7. Pay for publication

8. Get the finished article in electronic form (archive)

9. Receive a printed copy of the journal (a printed copy of the journal is provided only if itwas ordered and paid by the authors of the article).

The author (team of authors) submitting the manuscript to the editorial office of the journal «ScienceRise: Biological Science» agrees with all requirements for registration, submission of the manuscript of the article and payment and be responsible in case of violation of these requirements.