Carmen Marta-Lazo

University of Zaragoza, Spain

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Selected Publications:

  1. Marta-Lazo, C., Osuna-Acedo, S., Gil-Quintana, J. (2019). sMOOC: A pedagogical model for social inclusion. Heliyon, 5 (3), e01326. doi:
  1. Marta-Lazo, C., Frau-Meigs, D., Osuna-Acedo, S. (2018). Collaborative lifelong learning and professional transfer. Case study: ECO European Project. Interactive Learning Environments, 27 (1), 33–45. doi:
  1. Marta Lazo, C., Farias Batlle, P. (2018). Information Quality and Trust: From Traditional Media to Cybermedia. Communication: Innovation & Quality, 185–206. doi: