Consent of study participants

If author's manuscripts potentially contain information that is the product of social or other surveys aimed at identifying the opinion of the surveyed audience, individuals or organizations, the author must obtain appropriate permissions for such information. The disclosure of this information in manuscripts should be based on the principles of non-disclosure of confidential and personal data based on the Laws of Ukraine on the Protection of Personal Tributes or other legislative directives in relation to authors not from the territory of Ukraine.

In the process of conducting research, survey participants should be fully informed about the purpose of the research and the form of presentation of its results, as well as whether there are potential risks associated with publication.

The editorial office make sure that all statements made by the author on the basis of the surveys conducted are substantiated and do not contain negative and emotional statements or statements, do not contain elements of discrediting individuals or organizations. If such facts are revealed, the editors may request the author to change the text or reject the manuscript. If editors are in doubt as to whether they agree or that a study may be defamatory or disclose confidential information, they may request written confirmation of consent from the author. The manuscript is not put into work without such confirmation.

In cases where such facts are discovered after the publication of the article, the editorial office applies the measures provided for by the retraction policy.