Conflict of interest

When submitting a manuscript to the «ScienceRise: Pedagogical Education», authors must declare the presence/absence of any competing financial and/or non-financial interests.

In the interests of transparency and to help readers form their own judgments about possible bias, the editorial of the «ScienceRise: Pedagogical Education» journal requires authors to declare any competing financial and/or non-financial interests in the work described.

Authors should indicate all the information necessary to confirm transparency in terms of potential financial interests:

  • organizations interested in financing this development, the specific roles of such organizations in the design of the study or work with certain parts of the manuscript, including collection, analysis, systematization of the data given in the manuscript, as well as in deciding on the publication of the manuscript;
  • organizations that can extract financial interests from the publication of a manuscript or incur losses as a result of its publication as a finished article in a journal;
  • organizations that finance research at the material level (equipment, tooling, components, consumables, reagents, etc.) and/or payroll.

Authors are encouraged to provide information regarding personal financial interests if they can influence others who may suffer losses as a result of the publication of the manuscript as an article in the journal.

Other financial interests not specifically listed here, which may have any, even indirect negative impact, must be indicated to fully confirm the absence of a conflict of interest.

 Authors are encouraged to also indicate any non-financial competing interests if they could have any negative impact, even indirectly. In the event that the authors are bound by confidentiality obligations, which makes it impossible to disclose in whole or in part information regarding financial or non-financial interests, the editorial office does not require the disclosure of these interests, recognizing the full right to maintain confidentiality. In this case, it is enough for the authors to declare the existence of a conflict of interest at the time of submission of the manuscript to the editor.

With regard to reviewers, the editorial board asks to confirm the absence of a conflict of interest at the stage of selection of manuscripts for review or at the time of receipt of the manuscript by the reviewer. If such a conflict is detected at the stage of reviewing, the reviewer is obliged to inform the editorial office of this and refuse to review this manuscript. The editorial in such a situation are guided by the recommendations These recommendations are based on the COPE schemes, of which the publishing house TECHNOLOGY CENTER PC is a member, "Undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript" and "Undisclosed conflict of interest in a published article".