Nataliia Muranova

State Higher Educational Instiution “University of Educational Management” of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Vice- Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical, Educational Work and International Relations

Department of Professional and Higher Education


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Selected Publications:

  1. Lakhtionova, L., Muranova, N., Bugaiov, O., Ozeran, A., Kalabukhova, S. (2020). Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) Transformation in the Light of New Digital Technology: Ukrainian Experience. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 25–41. doi: 

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  3. Nychkalo, N., Wang, J., Lukianova, L., Paziura, N., Muranova, N. (2020). Use of task-based approach in teaching vocabulary to business english learners at university. Advanced Education, 7 (16), 98–103. doi: 

  4. Liakhotska, L. L., Muranova, N. P., Bondarenko, L. V., Hushchyna, N. I., Kondratova, L. H. (2021) Organization of scientific and methodical work on the basis of cloud technologies. Kyiv: Milenium, 58.

  5. Muranova, N. P., Voliarska, O. S. (2020). Professional development of teachers in the context of continuing education Aktualni problemy v systemi osvity: zaklad zahalnoi serednoi osvity – douniversytetska pidhotovka – zaklad vyshchoi osvity. Available at:

  6. Nychkalo, N., Muranova, N., Paziura, N. (2020). A task approach methodology in training aviation engineer. Pedagogical Innovations: Ideas, Realities, Perspectives, 2, 73–82. doi: 

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