Svitlana Tolochko

Institute of Problems of Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Chief Researcher
Laboratory of Extracurricular Education


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Selected Publications:

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  1. Voitovska, O., Tolochko, S., Bordyug, N. (2018). Lifelong Learning in Modern Strategies of Sustainable Development. Studia Warmińskie, 55, 343–352. doi:
  1. Voitovska, O., Tolochko, S. (2018). Physical Education Teachers’ Perspectives in a Changing World: From Future Studies to New Physical Culture. Philosophy and Cosmology, 20, 139–145. doi:
  1. Tolochko, S. (2019). Professional-synergetic scientific-methodic competency of teachers in the postgraduate pedagogical education system. ScienceRise: Pedagogical Education, 4 (31), 23–27. doi: 
  1. Tolochko, S. (2018). Educology and educology: actuality of sciences development in conditions of educational reformation in Ukraine. Scientific Papers of Berdiansk State Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogical Sciences, 2, 179–191. doi: