ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science

«ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science» scientific peer-reviewed journal, published 6 times a year, included in category “B” «List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine» (Сertificated by order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 612 from 07.05.2019).

The main mission of the journal – dissemination of the results of scientific research aimed at ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical assistance to the population through targeted search and modern pharmaceutical development of innovative medicines, the creation of modern quality management systems at pharmaceutical enterprises in the industry.

In the journal «ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science» publishes research designed and implemented taking into account the Quality by design concept with widespread use of computational methods.

Innovations in pharmaceutical science - for practical use.

The journal is intended for scientists, pharmacists, doctors, educators, and healthcare professionals.

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How to become a reviewer by means of Publons?

You are a scientist with experience and would like to try yourself as a reviewer, but do not know where to start and how to notify world publishers that you are ready to work?  
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How and why to register in Web of Science

The scientist profile in Web of Science is multitasking and is used in several resources: Web of Science, Publons, EndNote. At Web of Science, a scientometric database where you can work with research. Publons is a social network for scientists, which combines your scientometric indicators for Web of Science, your experience as an editor and reviewer in international publications, as well as communication with colleagues, a review school, and much more. EndNote is a manager of references to used literature, which allows to create your own collections, format them in one click to the desired standard and use them when writing articles.  
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Can't make high quality figures? We will show how to do it

Figures are an important component of the article, illustrate the study and make the material more visual and understandable. No wonder they say "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times". Many publishers publish figures on the article page as separate files. Therefore, the quality of the figures should be very high.  
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