No 4 (14) (2018)

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Development of the methodological approach of obtaining preparations based on solid dispersions PDF
Inna Kovalevska, Olena Ruban 4-8
Bio-based succinic acid sample preparation and derivatization procedure optimisation for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis PDF
Laurynas Jarukas, Justina Kamarauskaitė, Mindaugas Marksa, Sonata Trumbeckaitė, Rasa Banienė, Liudas Ivanauskas 9-13
Scientific and practical substantiation of directions of mutual cooperation of higher educational institutions with employers of pharmaceutical sector of health care industry PDF
Oksana Barkovska, Svetlana Ogar’, Olha Rohulia 14-19
The influence of indolinoren on kidney function in conditions of water and salt load PDF
Anna Markina, Oksana Mishсhenko 20-23
Development and validation of spectrophotometric method for the determination of meldonium dihydrate in dosage forms PDF
Аnastasiia Donchenko, Natalia Nahorna, Svitlana Vasyuk 23-27
Research of 1,3-oxazole-4-il-phosphonic acid derivative on the content of fatty acids of lipids in rats with arterial hypertension PDF
Kateryna Matskevych 28-31
The research of free aminoacids of water-soluble protein-polysaccharide complex of oyster mushroom pleurotus ostreatus PDF
Boris Varinsky, Nataliia Kucherenko, Olga Kolpakova 32-37
Impact of dry extract of ginger on morphological state of pancreas of syrian golden hamsters on the background of hypercalorium diet PDF
Nadiia Kononenko, Mariia Sorokina, Julia Larianovska, Valentina Chikitkina 38-44