Vol 5, No 1(31) (2016)

Mathematical modeling. Mechanical engineering and machine building. Electrical engineering and industrial electronics

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Mathematical modeling

Finding of the generalized equation of thermal conductivity for porous heat-insulating materials PDF
Andrii Cheilytko 4-10
Development of information technology of professional recruitment for operators of extreme activities PDF (Українська)
Артем Дмитрович Гордєєв 11-16
Development of simulation algorithm of biological parameters for operators of extreme activities using Monte Carlo method PDF (Українська)
Вячеслав Данилович Кузовик, Артем Дмитрович Гордєєв, Микола Андрійович Назарчук 17-21
Research of algorithm for calculating the vector-parametric bispline based on polynomial of the fourth degree PDF (Русский)
Александр Михайлович Ковтун 22-26
Development of the object-oriented model for the health losses analysis in the non-process building PDF (Українська)
Андрій Леонідович Єрохін, Георгій Альбертович Зацеркляний 26-34

Mechanical engineering and machine building

Application of rod mechanics fundamentals for analysis of stress-strain state of the tubing PDF (Русский)
Руслан Владимирович Рачкевич 35-44

Electrical engineering and industrial electronics

Experimental study of luminous flux flicker coefficient of artificial light sources PDF (Українська)
Станіслав Львович Бондаревський, Олег Костянтинович Данилейко, Жанна Георгіївна Рожненко 45-50
Analysis of the potential occurrence features in multicomponent ceramic composites based on the refractory anoxic compounds (part 1) PDF (Українська)
Владислав Владиславович Цигода, Катерина Всеволодівна Кириленко, Віталій Ярославович Петровський 51-62

Energy, energy-saving technologies and equipment

Conceptualization of research of power hybrid electric power complexes PDF
Vitaliy Budashko, Oksana Glazeva, Sergey Samonov 63-73