CHORAL ART IN THE CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC ENVIRONMENT (on an example of R. Glier Kyiv Institute’s of Music Female choir’s creative activity)

Kostyantyn Davydovs'kyy


The article is dedicated to cultural senses, contained in a concept "choral art". Historical aspects of the choral singing are investigated as forms of spiritual culture of humanity. A choral art belongs to one of basic areas of the cultural world – spiritual culture. It catches the least changes in spiritual life of people, incarnating the idea of community development in a certain historical period. The degree of chosen research topic and its relevance has been proved. The main aim of this article is to probe a choral art as some cultural and historical phenomenon which has great influence on the art environment ofUkraine. Its task is to decide the noted problem on the example of creative activity of R. Glier Kyiv Institute’s of Music Female choir.

Being the specific sort of human thought and activity, a choral art functions to organize a valued-socially person and also will make it cultural and art environment. The foundation of choral art is the collective creative activity, some unique creative process based on principle of artistic interpretation of reality, the phenomenon of artistic culture. In that time the public, collective beginning in choral music lights up an individual, not dissolving it in social aspect. Availability of the choral singing is explained by a vocal vehicle which is a "musical instrument", given to the man of any age, and perfected together with his growth and development. Any man who wishes to express the senses and attitude towards the phenomena of surrounding reality by facilities of musical expressiveness can own them.

A choral art is mastery. So being an art which is judicial and dynamic, it exists and appears only at implementation of choral works before listeners. That’s why it is necessary to activate the brilliance exactly, especially extra studying creative activity of students. Activity in understanding and recreation of choral art results in selfdevelopment and self-realization of not only personality but also the whole generation. Potential of enculturation is explained by the features of choral art: by acoustic and intonation properties of musical sound, vocal nature of choral activity, combination of music with a poetic art on the basis of collective implementation of choral art works, features of Ukrainian and Russian people national mentality and perception of the world. All of this puts a choral art in position, different from many other types of musical art. The degree of choral art development and its need in society makes considerable influence on forming and transformation of cultural and art environment. The special social and cultural functions have been determined by a choral art, such as: educate, compensatory, pragmatic, communicative, cognitive elucidative, hedonistic, ethics, aesthetically beautiful, social etc. The author of the article comes to conclusion that a choral art as form of spiritual culture and specific type of artistic activity of man owns large social and cultural potential which determines its value in the vital functions of society, influencing on all of sides of consciousness and activity, forming and transforming modern cultural and artistic environment.

Historically, the choral singing was the first display of forming the professional musical art. The class of the choral singing is created simultaneously with opening of professional educational musical establishments more frequent.

As an example, the history of becoming the choral singing class in R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music has been reflected. It’s made an accent on the tradition of combination the studies with the choral singing concerto and creative activity. Extra studying artistic activity of R. Glier Kyiv Institute’s of Music Female choir is reflected. The repertoire of choir consists of the best standards of world choral music from Renaissance, the classics, romanticism age to treatments of the Ukrainian folk songs, sacred music, and works of modern choral advance-guard. Important direction of creative activity of choir is the collaboration with the modern composers ofUkraine. Choir has many fund records which sound on Ukrainian radio regularly, its appearances are translated on television, have approving reviews of press, prominent figures of the Ukrainian choral art. R. Glier Kyiv Institute’s of Music Female choir is well known outside Kyiv andUkraine, as is a permanent participant and winner of many choral competitions and festivals.

Due to extra studying creative activity of R. Glier Kyiv Institute’s of Music Female, Chamber and Children choral collectives, which have a different sign-semantic orientation, there is an "environment appeared in the environment" as a wide segment of academic choral music-lovers, which united in the unique circle intelligentsia, artists and creative young people in Kyiv.


choirаl art; female choir; cultural and artistic environment; creative activity; extra studying artistic arrangements; enculturation; R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music