Tetiana Kablova


The purpose of the work. The research is related to the study of modern globalization processes, which receive their embodiment at different levels of human existence. The article deals with the concept of vocal art in the context of modern cultural space. The research emphasises on vocal as a typical component of Ukrainian mentality, which reflects all historical, social and cultural changes of being. The work analyzes importance of vocal art in the musical-historical process as well. The methodology of work consists in the use of comparative, historical and logical methods, a hypothetical and deductive method, which suggest the consideration of vocal art as a gloсal phenomenon in the globalization processes of culture. This methodological approach contributes to the analysis and formation of the phenomenon of vocal art in the cultural space of creative processes, which helps to determine its place and role in the system of existing artistic forms. Scientific novelty lies in the positioning of vocal art as a gloсal sphere of existence and the transfer of values and norms of culture to determine the level of culture of mankind and the artistic space, where there are embodied the peculiarities of the functioning of the social sphere, which carries a weighty socio-psychological and educational potential. For the first time, vocal art as the creativity and activity of mankind receives coverage in scientific work as an embodiment of the gloсal conservation of culture in the globalization process. Conclusions. Understanding vocal art as a process of producing the spiritual culture of a nation raises up the importance of communication between the past, the present and the future. Musical reflection on the processes of globalization in the field of vocal art today reaches the level, where Ukrainian art proceeds to a qualitatively new level of existence, based on the dominant system of value orientations of the Ukrainian tradition and their reincarnation in the modern context of the era. Meanwhile it is preserving the immanent folk ties and contributing to the preservation of the Ukrainian national mentality in the global context,


vocal art; globalization; Ukrainian tradition; creative processes

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