• Andrei Akhmetzianov
  • Gulnara Shaikhutdinova



Abstract. This paper provides a definition of the duty concept from various points of view: philosophical,
philological, legal. We considered various philosophical views on the duty concept as such, and the duty concept in legal sense. We analyzed the human rights situation in the modern world on the basis of the United Nations data. The authors assert about the dialectical unity of the human rights and responsibilities as components of the legal status of an individual. We indicated the need for a balance between the human rights and responsibilities as integral parts of the legal status of an individual. We presented the concepts of human responsibilities from the point of view of Christianity and Islam, considered and analyzed the classification of human responsibilities in Islam and Christianity. We considered the historical aspects of the formation (the need to form) of the concept of human responsibilities. We proposed a proprietary formulation (concept) of the human responsibilities as a legal category. We proposed our own classification of human rights, which will be based on the religious classifications of human responsibilities, namely the classification of human responsibilities in Christianity and Islam. We substantiated the necessity of creating a universal list of human responsibilities as a tool to counter modern global challenges and a tool aimed at supporting existing social groups and social institutions of society.
Key words: human responsibilities, human rights, legal status of a person, social institutions, Islam, Christianity.


ng Submitted to the High-level Expert Group Meeting on

"Human Rights and Human Responsibilities in the Age of Terrorism" 1-2, April 2005, Santa Clara University

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