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Vol 21, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents




The influence of intravenous solution «Neoreodez» on the course of experimental endotoxemia and evaluation of the regenerative properties of drug in the conditions of application. PDF
V. I. Mamchur, S. M. Dronov, G. Z. Bilenkyi 15-20
Foreign articles as growth factor of falsification for scientific publications and reduction of scientometric indicators of organizations. PDF
O. Yu. Pototskaya, A. E. Lievykh, V. I. Mamchur 20-25


Features of change of intracardiac gemodynamics and functional state of myocardium under the impact of telmisartan in patients with hypertension. PDF
V. I. Koshlia, M. Ben-Abid 26-29
Gene expression of nuclear factor of activated T-cells in children with bicuspid aortic valve. PDF
А. V. Kamenshchyk, A. М. Kamyshny, О. G. Ivanko 29-33
Features of the cardiovascular system in patients with type 1 diabetes. PDF
N. O. Pertseva, K. I. Moshenets 34-40
Nonspecific purulent osteomyelitis of the spine. PDF
S. O. Kosul'nikov, A. M. Besedin, S. A. Tarnapol'skiy, S. I. Karpenko, K. V. Kravchenkо, E. V. Simonova 41-46
Features of treatment of patients with complicated retention of the third molars at the inpatient stage. PDF
O. O. Gudaryan, N. G. Іdashkіna, Zh. M. Nekhanevich 47-50
Assessment of exercise performance and aerobic efficiency by the results of veloergometry in girls aged 11-14 years with the weak sight. PDF
V. V. Maryukhnich, V. V. Klapchuk 51-55


Vaccine prophylaxis: achievements, problems, perspectives of development. PDF
V. V. Mavrutenkov, G. O. Revenko 56-60
Hygienic assessment of asbestos containing dust in the air of the working zone at thermal power plants. PDF
V. E. Moshkovskiy 61-64


Justification of urolithiasis prevention and metaphylaxis improvement on the basis of socio-economic characteristics of patients. PDF
О. Z. Detsyk, D. B. Solomchak 65-69
Public health system - current status and world experience. PDF
І. А. Andreyeva, О. V. Lugova, О. V. Nashyvanko, Yu. S. Chernyak, О. А. Shevchenko 70-76
Main groups by risk behavior on HIV infection according to the analysis of youths’ preventive awareness. PDF
O. Z. Detsyk, T. P. Basarabа 77-80
The features of the socio-psychological climate in collectives of healthcare institutions. PDF
T. A. Vezhnovets 81-86


Department of Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology of Faculty of Postgraduate Education SE «Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine» PDF
V. I. Desyateryk, S. P. Mikhno, O. H. Dunay 87-91


Prescription of healthy ecology. Review on the monograph of Beletskaya E.N., Onul N.M. «Ecological-hygienic assessment of technogenic load caused by the environment as a risk factor for health of population of Pridneprovye». – Dnepropetrovsk: Accent PP, 2 PDF
V. A. Korobchansky 92-93
Academy – Your Majesty! PDF
L. Yu. Naumenko 94-94